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Slovakia [companies]
AGS Bratislava is a branch of AGS Group specialized in International moving and storage. Originally created as a subsidiary of AGS Prague, AGS Bratislava quickly stand by itself like Slovakia did with its brother country Czech republic.
AGS Bratislava is now a fast growing company that increased its turnover in 2004 of 27%. Since the entry of Slovakia in the European Union, Slovakia has attracted many foreign direct investments and therefore many expatriates who relocate to this central European country. Thanks to the professionalism of the management and careness of the packing team, AGS Bratislava is the leader in the international moving market in Slovakia.

Contact : AGS Bratislava International Movers - Pristavna 10, 82109 Bratislava - Slovensko
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BELEF Center
Serbia [towns]
BELEF-center is main organizer of Belgrade Summer Festival called - BELEF. This festival gathers three large artistic disciplines: performing arts (theatre and artistic play), visual arts (video art, installations, performances and prints) and music. Through numerous tours, self productions and co-productions with cultural institutions and similar summer festivals, BELEF urges to go further in engaging, fostering and developing creative potentials of artists and individuals, as well as giving reply to the needs of the audience.
In interaction with the surroundings, animating new urban spaces as venues of cultural events, Belgrade Summer Festival tends to tell a story about Belgrade, as big city and its tolerant, communicative and urban essence.
The founder and patron of BELEF is City Assembly of Belgrade, dept. Secretariat for Culture. This body appoints the members of Council of BELEF, president of the Council and selectors for the three artistic fields with two years mandate, then the selection of executive producer and other activities connected to program, terms and realization.
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CASA - Centre Autonome Solidaire et Artistique de Paris
France [Associative Cultural Center]
The CASA project aims to be a "pilote" for a new type of structure, that will fit more to the needs of association. Players and listeners should find a whole bunch of reasons to appreciate it! Here are the main goals of the project :
  • A peaceful place for exchanges, discover and opening to other cultures
  • A laboratory for exchanges, self management
  • A support structure for associations ( talks, support parties, theme-oriented lunches, shows, movies)
  • A place for diffusion of new artistic creations
  • A social information place, in situ and on the web
  • A associative restaurant
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France [companies] is the leading business portal (see figures) dedicated to Central and Eastern Europe.
The English section, which is currently developping, offers:
+ General information for Central and Eastern European countries
+ A description of the best websites for the region
+ A directory of East-West academic programs
+ Courses for students
+ An overview of the business environment
+ More than twenty bulletin boards
+ Current events for the region
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France [companies]
Major partner of Mostar Style for the Danube Projekt, Eurolines is the leading federation of coaches in Europe. Very well-known by all travelling youth, they propose coach trips between all the main cities of Europe, at very low prices. Their sponsorship will finance all the trips needed by Mostar Style for scouting trips as well and also pay for the foreign bands coming to play to Paris, during the preparatory event of the Danube Projekt. During the barge trip itself, Eurolines will back our road trajects.
Association Loi du 1er juillet 1901 – J0 N°23 du 07 juin 2003 - MOSTAR STYLE,
une association de promotion de musiques actuelles