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Happy 2012
2012/02/08 [MS Events]
Have a nice year everyone... There's still room for fun and creativity.



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Toutes Coupables - The new venue produced by Mostar Style
2010/09/03 [MS Events]
Le délibéré a lieu à huis clos dans les toilettes. Le test de grossesse est positif, le verdict est sans appel : ENCEINTE.
Notre vie bascule. Avec ce petit, nous en prenons pour perpète. Le juge qui nous regarde dans le miroir au-dessus du lavabo est clair : Interdiction d’approcher un
débit de boisson à moins de vingt mètres, de consommer du tabac et de participer à toute sorte de tapage nocturne. Injonction de consommer 5 fruits et légumes par jour et de faire du sport…
Une fois la grande nouvelle annoncée, toute la société nous a à l’oeil, nous assaille de conseils… et nous sommes condamnées à nous mettre la pression.
Quoique nous fassions, nous sommes
Toutes Coupables !
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Happy Birthday Mostar Style
2008/07/10 [MS Events]

During a huge party with Alma & Internationnal skankers sound system at the Dame de canton, Mostar Style has celebrate  its 5 years old!

Hot ambiance until 5 in the morning, thanks to all for coming, and see you at the next party! Beginning in september 2008, Alma will be playing at Olympic Café every third friday of each month: be there or be square!
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Not Quiet on The Eastern Front...
2006/05/23 [MS Events]

Paris, 9th may 2006. Europe Day ... If the existence of this event is a good thing by itself, it still cruelly lacks from content. One remedy exists though: turn on the stereo, delicately insert the new Alma CD « Grad Lluge Koje Projage, L'île des gens qui passent » , open your favorite atlas on the Eastern Europe - Balkans chapter - and let yourself be carried away on the roads of Europe.

This is not enough? The reality of the landscapes, the perfumes, the faces are missing? Then you just need to get on the Fabulous Balkan Tour. Departure from Paris on the 1st of june and arrival in Lyon on the 21st. Meanwhile, the 6 musicians of the parisian reggae salsa band Alma will preform in Slovenia (3
concerts), in Hungary (2 concerts), in Serbia (3 concerts) then in Bosnia-Herzegovina with concerts in Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja luka, and finish their tour with two gigs in Switzerland (Mels and Frick) and the Music Day in Lyon.

« We really wanted to organise this year a tour in Europe, says president of the Mostar-Style association (which produces Alma), Grégory Gendre. After the various events we organised this year in Paris1 and the tours we had made before in Europe2, we really expected to go on the roads again.These trips correspond simultaneously to the spirit of the band and to the objectives of our association: show the richness and diversity of the cultures in Europe. »

To make this tour a success, Alma worked with its numerous local contacts that were met throughout their previous trips. From Tuz Raktar, a former industrial center transformed into a multicultural artistic exchange place in Budapest, to Ask Sarajevo, an association who's objective is the promotion of local artists while at the same time helping Bosnian youth to open to Europe by making foreign bands come to play in Sarajevo, the Fabulous Balkan Tour is first and for all born from encounters.

« On stage, we search from the same sensation of diversity. Playing in Budapest or Sarajevo is a real challenge for a young band. You have to re evaluate everything and move while progressing through the encounters with local musicians, says Bruno Sinou singer and leader of Alma. Artistically, it is a real thrill, and this pleasure is reflected on our parisian audience. When we come back from these kinds of tour, the effects of our encounters on our sound does not go unseen. »

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Last one in the Antipode and back to Mostar
2006/04/01 [MS Events]

Members of the bosniac community and Alma aficionados met each other on the Antipode barge. Ones to appreciate one more the sound of their compatrios, the ohers to once again the warmth of the sunny reggae-salsa.

None mislead et good vibes flooded the crowd. Each one appreciated the influences and tendances of each other on its worth. Rock, reggae and world music on the one hand and reggae dub seasoned by cuban salsa on the other.

This gig finalized the series in Paris for Zoster and they finaly went back to Mostar last Saturday untill next time. As a piece of information, they should enter a studio, a new album seems to be prepared.

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Association Loi du 1er juillet 1901 – J0 N°23 du 07 juin 2003 - MOSTAR STYLE,
une association de promotion de musiques actuelles